About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. I’ve done some research as to what and how much information to write in an “About” page and I found most to be a little long. I understand it may be a good idea to get personable with your audience, but I get that some folks just don’t have a lot of free time so I will just tell you all some facts about me and cooking.

To be honest, growing up I didn’t really spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my family cooking. I did make an occasional lopsided cake here and there but not much else. When my husband and I first started cooking our own meals, some of them weren’t so great. As time passed, we started improving our cooking and baking skills. We now rarely go out to eat because we realized we can make most meals at home that taste better and are much healthier.

I’m an average person just like most people so I may not have the best looking photos of my finished food product, I may not have the best cooking or baking techniques; all I really care about is the end result and how good the food tastes!

My career as a nurse can be physically and emotionally exhausting so my recipes are pretty simple but taste delicious (hence the name of my website). I have many favorite dishes and desserts that are a staple in my house and thought I would share them with the world! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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